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Teacher Trainings

The Jivamukti Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training is a month-long residential program held at different locations around the world. This rigorous program taught by Sharon Gannon, David Life and other senior Jivamukti Yoga teachers is considered by many to be the most comprehensive yoga teacher training available. It attracts students from around the world and produces empowered, knowledgeable and confident yoga teachers.

This rigorous, four weeks (300 Plus-hour) of extraordinary and intense study, held in one of our 4 hand picked locations around the world is a residential teacher training certification program for intermediate and advanced students and is considered by many to be the Gold Standard: the most comprehensive yoga teacher training available in the world today.

This training attracts students from around the world and produces powerful, committed, informed and confident yoga teachers able to incorporate asanas, chanting, music, meditation, activism and scriptural study into a challenging practice leading to enlightenment.

The Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with a blueprint for incorporating the physical, psychological, spiritual and mystical aspects of yoga into modern life, without losing sight of the universal goal of the practice: liberation. Because of Jivamukti Yoga's focus on a non-dualistic view of life (the interconnectedness of all), the practice awakens in the practitioner not only the need to protect the environment and all the animals and plants that share the planet with us, but provides the practitioner with skills to confidently achieve those goals for oneself as well as teach others how to live in harmony with the planet.



Yogeswari is going to Co-Facilitate the following Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in 2019:

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training
February 2, 2019 - March 1, 2019

Govardhan Eco Village, India


FOR MORE INFO: https://jivamuktiyoga.com/teachertraining/300-hr-certification/